Cooking for Refugees

 WaterAccess to warm meals and nutritious food remains a challenge with severe consequences for the refugees who continue to pass through Serbia despite the official closure of the so-called “Balkan Route”.

As great portions of the journey must be conducted either on foot or by relying upon the services of smugglers, refugees have few opportunities to access organized aid and, less so, a proper meal. Belgrade remains an important transit point, with many converging in the parks near the bus and trains stations.

Refugee Aid Serbia volunteers are out in the parks every evening from 17:30 distributing a warm meal with fresh fruit and bottled water. Our menu changes daily, but always contains a mixture of protein and vegetables.
How can you help?

RAS has the financial capacity to serve around 200 meals every evening for the limited future. However, the number of refugees in need, and in dire need, continues to rise. Recent estimates see a range of 600-900 refugees in the parks daily. The conditions of their journey leave many without money and in poor physical condition. Our meals make a difference.

Financial donations to allow us to expand our daily capacity and continue are needed.
To make a donation, please visit our donations page.

We appreciate your support!

Cooking Challenge
Restaurant Challenge

Are you part of a cooking school
or restaurant team in Belgrade?

RAS is calling on local cooking schools and restaurants to join our efforts to provide warm meals in the parks – either by making a financial or in-kind donation of ingredients, or by coming out one evening with meals that you have cooked!

Please contact us for information regarding sanitary requirements. We would love for you to join our initiative!

Are you interested in raising awareness at
your restaurant, anywhere in the world?

We challenge you to dedicate one evening to a “themed” dining experience: add a Syrian or Afghan (or any other number of national dishes) to your menu. Donate the proceeds from this dish, or entire evening, to support warm meals for refugees in Belgrade!

Get in touch for information about the current situation, as
well as joining the network of restaurants supporting us!