Challenges and Experiences Along the Migrants’ Route

Between May 1 and May 31, RAS Field Team focused on monitoring the overall situation in the Belgrade area, in addition to going on a week-long field mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina. In total, RAS Field Team provided information to 1,184 migrants/refugees and conducted 255 interviews in Belgrade with both newly arrived migrants and those residing in Serbia. In the month of May, RAS Field Team was in contact with 500 new arrivals – 29% (143) of them coming from Pakistan, 24% (119) from Iran, 21% (101) from Afghanistan, and 11% (58) from Iraq. Other countries of origin include Syria (19), Somalia (15), Libya (13), Algeria (9), India (6), Bangladesh (6) and Ghana (5).

In coordination with Praxis, as well as independently, 37 targeted non-food items (NFI) distributions were carried out as a result of which 45 persons were provided with 74 items of clothing. RAS Field Team referred 152 migrants/refugees to Praxis, CRPC, CYI, MSF, and other organizations for the purposes of legal aid, mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), and medical services during the reporting period.

In May 2018, RAS Field Team interviewed migrants/refugees in order to understand the length of their journey and what kind of difficulties they have experienced. Journey length is defined as the time that passed since the respondent left their country of origin until they reached Serbia.

RAS Report – 6 – Journey – June 2018

Report on Choice of Destination Country

Between April 10 and April 30, RAS Field Team focused on monitoring the overall situation in the Belgrade area. In total, RAS Field Team provided 963 migrants/refugees with information and conducted 242 interviews with both newly arrived and migrants residing in Serbia for more than a month during this reporting period. In these 20 days of April, RAS Field Team took notice of 240 new arrivals – 40% (98) of them coming from Pakistan, 23% (56) from Afghanistan, 21% (50) from Iran, and 8% (19) from Iraq. Other countries of origin include Algeria (3), Sri Lanka (4), Syria (5), Libya (9), Somalia (4), and Ghana (7).

During the reporting period, 236 migrants/ refugees were asked about their preferred country of destination. Although the answers vary greatly, there is an evident trend to move to Western European countries, namely France 44 (19%), Germany 40 (17%), and Italy 37 (16%). Serbia was also a choice of a significant number of migrants/refugees, 21 (9%). These four main destinations are followed by Spain, (4%), Norway (3%) and the United Kingdom (2%).

RAS_Report_ 5_May_2018_ Destination Country